Caring about our planet!

We are a green web design company!

The steps we take are simple and many businesses would benefit from using this model.

Things that we do to insure we look after our planet and care about our future…

No Paper Work? – Virtually Paperless!

We do not have business cards, brochures, letterheads or for that matter any printed material! We do not send out mailings! When we have to print something out is usually only when our accountant insists on it! We use recycled paper. However, the environemental impact is not just that paper it is printed on but the process of printing and the carbon emmissions related to this. With technology we have proven that we can build a successful business and care for our planet. All invoices and paperwork are sent electronically, saving time, money and materials.

No Fixed Abode

In the past we have operated from offices that are expensive to heat and maintain, that staff have to drive to in their cars. Therefore we have gone remote! We are a virtual business! All our staff work from home or remote locations, they dont need to travel to work!

We recycle everything…nearly

We use the latest technology and therefore this comes at a cost! Not only financially, but environmentally! However, firstly we only buy equipment from sources that have a strong envronmental and recycling policy, and secondly we insure that all our equipment is disposed of in line with all the latest guidelines to insure that we make a minimum impact on our environment.

Send it electronically – dont post it!

We encourage all of our clients to pay electronically! Saves money, saves time and saves the planet!

Remote Support and conferencing!

Today it is possible to hold full scale meetings without the need to travel! However we do meet with our clients and we do enjoy their company!

Travel less, do more!

By providing our staff with the latest software to conference and speak to clients we openly discourage car travel. And yes, this does save a fortune on travelling expenses and most importantly is more environmentally friendly.

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